Jane Millionaire

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On the set of Wolf TV’s hot new reality show “Jane Millionaire,” the steamiest scenes aren’t in front of the camera, they’re in-between takes.


With twelve gorgeous bachelors at her beck and call,
Jill Davidson (AKA Jane) should be in heaven. Instead, her
insides are sizzling, and the guy responsible isn?t even
a contestant!


Rob Lancaster loathes reality television, but producing “Jane Millionaire” is worse than anything. If only his star weren’t quite so appealing. If only there weren’t so many other hunks hanging around. If only he himself were Mr. Jane Millionaire.

On TV or off, anything can happen.

Reviews for Jane Millionaire

Ms. Lynn’s Jane Millionaire is a very funny and witty romance. The characters were creatively written and the plot cleverly designed to put a smile on your face. With so many reality shows today, you can actually see this happening but Jane Millionaire would be a lot more entertaining. The dialogue is refreshing as it shows the characters’ flaws and other character traits. The sex scenes were extremely hot and steamy. No doubt about it, this is a great book.
—Coffee Time Romance, 5 cups

I have no doubt that Janice Lynn is a name that will soon become a household name within the romance genre.
—Fallen Angels reviews, 5 Angels

Jane Millionaire is a book you won’t regret picking up. Fans of reality TV, fans of romance, and fans of engaging stories with endearing protagonists will enjoy this story. After reading Jane Millionaire, you’ll want to keep Janice Lynn on your authors to watch radar.
—The Romance Studio, 4 hearts

Reading Jane Millionaire is a sheer delight. A fantasy story you will love, two super romances and snappy dialogue makes for a wild and fun reality show with gorgeous bachelors, a beautiful princess in a castle, and a producer to die for. Two twin sisters switch places and all hell breaks loose as things get more complicated by the minute as the show gets into filming ass the real princess gets into the act. Don’t miss this fabulous book. Janice Lynn is definitely an author to watch!
—Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader Reviews/The Belles & Beaux of Romance

Jane Millionaire is delightful, funny and oh so romantic. Like any good book you’re right there going through all the ups and downs while reading the book and hoping for that happily ever after ending. These are the kind of characters you want to revisit just to see how things are going so I’m holding onto hope for a sequel to this book that will feature Jill’s sister Jessie. If it were possible to give a rating higher than 5, I would. Janice Lynn is definitely going to be the new must read author on your list.
—Romance Junkies, Blue Ribbon Rating 5


Jill cringed at every creak of the floor. How was she supposed to sneak around an eerily quiet castle in the middle of the night when the floors moaned and groaned with each step she took? Jeez, it was a wonder she’d ever made it to the studio without waking up the entire crew.

She’d picked the studio’s lock and searched without success. Ugh. She had to find a copy of Jessie’s interviews. It would make life so much easier if she knew what her sister had actually said while auditioning for this part.

Another step. Another creak. Another cringe.

Had she made that last creak? Tiny hairs prickled along her neck. Man, if she didn’t know better she’d think this place was haunted. Where was her Glock when she needed it? Not that her gun would do much damage to a ghost.

She was almost to her room. Only a few more steps, creaks and cringes and she’d–A hand covered her mouth.

Oh my God! Adrenaline coursed through her. She cocked her elbow to nail her ghostly assailant at the same time as Rob whispered in her ear.

“What are you doing out here?” He let his hand fall away from her mouth.

“About to crack a few of your ribs. Don’t grab me like that. I might hurt you.” She pulled free of his loose hold, her arm brushing against naked flesh, and with a sharp jolt of electricity she realized he wore only a pair of unsnapped jeans. Wow. Where were her handcuffs? Covering
abs like his definitely constituted criminal activity.

Rob chuckled at her warning, obviously not taking her seriously, although he should have. She could easily bring down a man twice his size and trained other women to do the same in the safety courses she routinely taught.

He opened the door behind him and motioned for her to step inside. Light from his room illuminated his golden skin. Her gaze raked over his bare chest and the wispy smattering of hair that disappeared into his faded, snug but not too tight jeans. Maybe someone should handcuff her before she discovered first hand where that fine tracing of hair led. Uh-oh.
She was in trouble. In more ways than one.

“Where were you coming back from?”

Did he know she’d broken into the studio? She stalled by looking around the suite similar to her own from its lush historic dÈcor to the pleasant citrus scent. The suite next to her own. So that’s where that locked door in her room went. “Why is there a connecting door between
our rooms?”

“Because it was me, JP, one of the crew, or one of the bachelors. Guess I’m just lucky that way.” He sounded as if he didn’t consider the privilege an honor. Had he been assigned to baby-sit? Or spy, maybe?

“And you were wandering around the castle because?” he prompted, sliding one hand into his jeans pocket. Had that unsnapped gap just widened to reveal more of his muscular six-pack? She wasn’t going to look. She was not going to look.

She looked.

Was the sweat on her neck from fear of getting caught or thoughts of peeling Rob’s jeans right off his pin-up poster body? Gulping down the lump in her throat, she tore her gaze from his exposed flesh and met his amused expression.

“I couldn’t sleep?” Now, why had her words come out sounding like a question? She’d been making a comment, damn it. And she hadn’t been staring at his hard abs. Uh-huh. No way.

“And needed a drink of water?” Mischief danced in his golden eyes.

“Water?” She blinked. “Oh! Water. Yes. I was thirsty.”

He grinned, and she had no doubt he was on to her. Ugh. She was a trained police officer. Posing as Mafia Max’s girlfriend hadn’t made her this nervous. Why was she coming across as a total moron?

He nodded at a high-backed settee and chair with fine-stitched velvet padding. “Have a seat.”

Not able to answer her own questions about why he affected her so intensely, Jill sat in the chair.

“Did you quench your thirst?” his deep timbre pulled her gaze back to his six-foot plus frame.

“I, uh, never made it to the kitchen.” But looking at him did make her thirsty. Desperately so. His smooth golden chest and abs were cut like the proverbial washboard–and she had a sudden longing to do laundry. Heat flushed her face-as well as other, more hidden parts of her body.

He walked over to a small refrigerator cleverly disguised as an antique cabinet. Did she have one of those in her room as well? He took out a bottle of water and tossed it to her. She twisted off the lid and swallowed a long sip of the cold liquid hoping to cool down her body and thoughts.

Sinking onto the settee, Rob drank some of his water. Lucky water.

After a long moment, he spoke. “Want to tell me what you were really doing in the hallway at two in the morning?”

“What were you doing out in the hallway?” she challenged, having regained some of her usual aplomb and having learned long ago the best defense was to go on the offensive.

“I heard a noise and came to investigate.” The corner of his mouth lifted, and she was pretty sure her stomach had taken up skydiving because it raised and plummeted with his sexy grin. “Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to find you.”

“Really? What were you expecting? Ghosts?” she asked hoping to distract both him and her sex drive. Those dark hallways had been a bit spooky, but she’d rather be beaten than admit that out loud.

“Not hardly.” He shook his head. “Actually, you’re not what I was expecting, period.”

Now he’d distracted her. She leaned forward. “What do you mean?”

“You seem more real than the type of woman I’d have thought would audition to play Jane.” His gaze bored into her.

“More real,” she laughed, relaxing a little. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“I meant it as one.”

She swallowed. If she poured the rest of her water over her head, she doubted it would douse the fire he’d started. An attraction to the producer could only lead to trouble, but how did one explain this to a body that, for the first time ever, seemed to be on sexual hyper-drive?

Without looking away, he took another drink. “Why are you here?”

“Here, as in your room? You dragged me in.” So, she was still stalling. Maybe it would work.

“I mean in Europe as part of this crew.”

She shrugged. “To be Jane Millionaire, of course.”

His lips quirked at her flippant tone. “Why?”

Every instinct told her to be honest, to give him the truth, or at least as close as she could manage. Damn. She really didn’t want to admit to the boring shambles of her personal life, but he’d see right through her if she tried to lie, and she preferred honesty anyway. The more she could stick to the truth, the less likely she was to trip up.

“Because my boyfriend decided to resign from his position in my life. My overrun-with-one-problem-after-another sister is currently engaged, and she seems blissfully happy for the first time in ages. I feel like a party pooper.” She looked away from his penetrating gaze. “Leaving California for six weeks right now is a God-send.”

“You were in love with this man?”

“What’s love?” She laughed to hide her pain. She had fancied herself in love with Dan once upon a time. She’d wanted to love him as she’d believed he loved her, and he had–as a best friend. Ugh. She hadn’t wanted another friend–she’d wanted a lover. Her gaze collided with Rob’s darkened one.

His expression remained unreadable for several seconds. She got the impression he wanted to ask more, but had decided to change the subject instead.

“I read you played college ball. You were predicted to go Pro. Why’d you drop out?”

Just how much of her life had Jessie listed as her own? She’d said she’d fibbed a little, borrowing a few aspects of Jill’s life–not the whole thing. From what she’d encountered up to this point, Jessie had listed more of Jill’s history than her own. Why wasn’t she surprised?

“At the beginning of my sophomore year, my parents died and I had to take care of my sister. I dropped out of the university, got a job on the police force, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“Is this the engaged sister you mentioned earlier?”

“Yep.” Jessie had danced around like a child with a prized toy when she’d shown Jill the diamond her latest beau had given her. That had been right before she’d begged Jill to pretend to be her. Although she was beginning to question whether she was pretending to be herself. Why had Jessie listed so much of Jill’s history?

“How much younger is she?”

Jill sighed. “Ten months.”

“Ten months?” His forehead creased. “And you had to drop out of school to take care of her? She would have been what? Eighteen? Nineteen?”

“She was eighteen, but she didn’t deal well with our parents’ death. She needed me, and I was there.” Jill shrugged and didn’t bother explaining the legal fiascos Jessie had landed in following their parent’s fatal car crash. Why bother? Things had worked out for the best. If not for Jessie’s minor transgressions with the law, Jill wouldn’t have seen the job posting on the police department’s bulletin board, wouldn’t have personally known the chief. Now, she couldn’t imagine any other career. Law enforcement was in her blood.

“I hope she appreciates the lengths you go to for her.”

If he only knew.

Copyright © 2003 by Janice Lynn. All rights reserved.