Sandy Blair’s Query Letter

March 24, 2003

Paige Wheeler
Creative Media Agency
240 West 35 th Street
New York, NY 10001

Dear Ms. Wheeler,

THE BLACKSTONE DIARIES, a 93,000 word romantic time-travel and finalist
in the upcoming RWA Golden Heart, addresses the question - can destiny
be changed?

Ghost Duncan MacDougall died in 1408, never having known love and with
the blood of three wives on his hands. When a career obsessed N.Y. City
hotel executive inherits his Highland castle, Duncan believes he’s been
given the opportunity to break the curse that has held him in a netherworld
for six centuries.

Plain of face and raised by the NY City foster care system, Beth Pudding
has masked the pain of lifelong rejection with work and a tough attitude.
She has one dream, owning a home. Inheriting a deteriorating castle becomes
more extraordinary discovering it’s haunted. Following a near drowning,
she wakes unexpectedly in medieval Scotland. Not understanding the language
and everyone believing her mad become the least of her problems upon learning
she’s now the fourth wife of notorious Duncan the Black, Laird of Castle

To insure this manuscript’s historical accuracy, I visited each site
in Scotland, consulted with period clothing expert Dawn Skiles, and modeled
my hero’s castle after my husband’s ancestral home, Stalker Castle, Appin,

I’m a Golden Heart finalist, a Maggie Awards winner, and finalist in
the upcoming Merritt Awards with THE DRAGON’S LEGACY¬ósingle title romance
set in 1797 Ireland. I’m an active member of Romance Writers of America,
and currently serving my second term as Vice President/Program Director
for Dallas Area Romance Authors.

If you would like to see the completed manuscript, I would be delighted
to send THE BLACKSTONE DIARIES to you. It has not been distributed
to publishers. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward
to hearing from you.


Sandy Blair

Enclosure: SASE, sample