Causing A Commotion

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Stirring Up Trouble!

There’s always more than meets the eye, but Wolf television’s newest talk show host, Jessie Davidson, is causing more commotion behind the scenes than when the cameras are rolling…

First, she’s having to share the show with former investigative reporter Colin Crandell, a man who had a smoking hot exterior but whose veins flowed with ice. No wonder people thought he’d murdered his ex-girlfriend. So why did Jessie’s insides burn every time he was near? Especially when he admitted he’d do anything to get her off his show?

Second, her boyfriend dumped her to go be a real life GI Joe in Washington DC, saving the world one politician at a time.  Jessie loathes coming home to an empty house. But, seriously, there are worse things than being alone, right?  She’s going to face her phobia rather than jump into a new relationship. So why can’t she stop thinking about Colin the Cold?

Third, someone besides Jessie is creating problems on the show’s set.  Just how far is that person willing to go to get rid of the woman Causing a Commotion?  And why did everyone believe Colin was behind the ‘accidents’?

Sparks are flying–and not just from frayed wires–as Jessie turnes Colin’s world upside down. But is their attraction real or just another of Colin’s mind games?

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